Stories from 2050: Radical forward-looking imagery of sustainability opportunities and challenges ahead

The overall objective of the project is to support the implementation and further development of the ‘European Green Deal’ in order to achieve the ‘Clean Planet 2050’ vision. ‘Stories from 2050’ aims to bring new narratives, out of the box thinking and controversial/ contrasting visions into the policy debate on sustainability and the interconnection with science, technology and innovation.

Client: DG RTD

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Design and facilitation of participatory workshops ‘A systemic approach to energy in Europe’

The European Green Deal aims to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by 2050, a necessary step to limit global warming. Achieving this target is possible, but requires urgent and decisive action.

The role of energy systems is key in driving progress across virtually all sectors in the transition towards a clean planet for all. Energy policy should therefore be clearly aimed towards achieving climate neutrality and sustainability. EU energy systems should be based on decarbonised energy sources.

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Impact of Covid-19 on European Consumer Behaviour – Foresight study

The purpose of the study is to anticipate future challenges for consumer policy and to assess likely resilience of private consumption in the EU to future systemic disruptions and major economic shocks. In the project, the FOD team will combine literature and data-based information collection as well as expert input with perspectives from stakeholders and experts on consumer policy in order to develop alternative scenarios and analyse the respective challenges for consumer rights and protection.

Client: DG JUST

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Scientific, technological and societal conditions for the end of the Covid-19 crisis

COVID-19 has led to a global public health crisis and changed the course of lives for billions with ensuing social and economic damage. The study used the Dynamic Argumentative Delphi method to explore experts’ views on what Europe may look like in 2023, in domains relating to medicine, public health, and socio-economic conditions. Based on the experts’ responses, the points of consensus and the areas of diverging opinions, the study developed five scenarios of exit from the crisis in 2023, associated with the relative success of efforts to develop immunity and with lessons learned as a result of those efforts. The report draws some conclusions for EU R&I policy, but together with its data annex, it can support strategic discussions across many different policy fields.

Urban Mobility 2050: Further development of the emerging issues and narratives

To help the EU build on its 2013 urban mobility package and meet its 2050 climate target, this initiative proposes measures to encourage EU countries to develop urban transport systems that are safe, accessible, inclusive, affordable, smart, resilient and emission-free.
Client: EEA

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Reimagining the Food System: scanning the horizon for emerging social innovations

Client: EEA Emerging Issue Factsheets Soulful soil: Alternative methods for nutrient and pest management Agroecology – a way of producing food, a way of life, a science, and a movement for change The power of many: community-supported agriculture networks and initiatives to support sustainable food production Food growing cities: smart solutions and citizen involvement Muscle … Read more