The EU retail ecosystem in the future – a vision for 2040

Through a series of methodological tools and continuous interaction with relevant stakeholders, experts and an array of the retail community the project provides the European Commission services with:

  • A vision for the European retail ecosystem 2040,
  • Insights on the behaviour of market actors and their expected response to policy measures,
  • Sound information basis to support evidence-based policies, in particular vis à vis small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
  • Scenarios that provide future alternatives.

Client: DG GROW

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Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecosystem Performance – Accelerating Sustainability Transitions

The objectives of this foresight project entail: the mapping of relationships between emerging trends in science, technology and innovation and ecosystem performance, including the health consequences of ecosystem changes the development of plausible future scenarios of accelerated transitions in key areas of ecosystem performance that relate to the European Green Deal and the derivation of … Read more

Stories from 2050: Radical forward-looking imagery of sustainability opportunities and challenges ahead

The overall objective of the project is to support the implementation and further development of the ‘European Green Deal’ in order to achieve the ‘Clean Planet 2050’ vision. ‘Stories from 2050’ aims to bring new narratives, out of the box thinking and controversial/ contrasting visions into the policy debate on sustainability and the interconnection with science, technology and innovation.

Client: DG RTD

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Design and facilitation of participatory workshops ‘A systemic approach to energy in Europe’

The European Green Deal aims to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by 2050, a necessary step to limit global warming. Achieving this target is possible, but requires urgent and decisive action.

The role of energy systems is key in driving progress across virtually all sectors in the transition towards a clean planet for all. Energy policy should therefore be clearly aimed towards achieving climate neutrality and sustainability. EU energy systems should be based on decarbonised energy sources.

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