Fighting Cancer

The foresight project “Support to the Mission Board Cancer” (Framework Contract 2018/RTD/A2/PP-
07001-2018 – LOT1) focused on the contribution of foresight knowledge that should inform the
4Mission Board strategies, and more specifically to support the reflections of the Mission Board
concerning the identification of missions within the broader theme “Cancer”.

The EU has launched several strategies and programmes to fight and prevent cancer and to help
cancer patients. Thus, such a Horizon Europe Mission should contribute to the goals of the Europe’s
Beating Cancer Plan: “A mission in this area will help set common goals aiming to reverse these
frightening trends in cancer. By joining efforts across Europe, more people would live without cancer,
more cancer patients would be diagnosed earlier, would suffer less and have a better quality of life
after treatment.” (

The work was carried out in interaction with the Mission Board members and responsible Commission
services. They provided important input to this report and the project team would like to thank all
contributors. The report documents the scoping of trends and drivers for cancer, two future health
scenarios targeted at fighting cancer and roadmaps of events and milestones in the future of fighting
cancer. It formed part of the basis of the vision for a Horizon Europe Mission on cancer, outlined by
the Mission Board in “Conquering cancer, mission possible” (2020).

Client: EC Mission Boards

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