Adaptation to Climate Change including Societal Transformation

The foresight project “Adaptation to Climate Change including Soci etal Transformation” (Framework Contract 2018/RTD/A2/OP/PP – 07001 – 2018 – LOT1) was meant to complement the Mission Boards’ deep and wide – ranging expertise by exploring longer – term time horizons, up to and beyond the year 2050. Building on existing future – oriented work, the project employed dedicated foresight methods, in particular workshops and a Delphi survey, to explore this time horizon in a systematic manner, and involving experts and stakeholders as appropriate.

Climate Adaptation refers to anticipating the adverse effects of climate change and taking appropriate action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause, or taking advantage of opportunities that may arise. It has been shown that well – planned, early adaptation action later saves money, lives , livelihoods, and biodiversity.

The foresight was based on the European Commission (EC) White Paper “Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action” of 2009, and on the EU climate adaptation strategy adopted in 2013. At the time of the formulation of this strategy, the economic, environmental, and social costs of not adapting to climate change were estimated to range from 100 billion € a year in 2020 to 250 billion € a year in 2050, for the EU as a whole. Meanwhile, the EC in Februar y 2021 elaborated and adopted a new climate adaptation strategy, which focuses on developing solutions and implementation of adaptation measures.

Client: EC Mission Boards

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