Healthy Oceans, Seas, Inland and Coastal Waters

The foresight project “Support to the Mission Board Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters
(Framework Contract 2018/RTD/A2/OP/PP-07001-2018-LOT1) aimed to provide forward-looking
evidence to support the Mission Board for this area.The team of experts was set up to provide the Board with well-versed expertise in both foresight methodology as well as thematic developments on the future of oceans and water. The objective was to think along with the board and to stimulate the debates by raising surprising and challenging issues
based on forward-looking analysis and exploration. The project provided the Mission Board with new
information, (systemic) insights and/or alternative future visions that connect the extremely multi-
dimensioned topics tackled by this Mission Board.

The foresight project started with the scanning of foresight reports looking towards 2050, foresight
databases and news feeds to address long-term developments and emerging signals of change. In
particular, the project developed five alternative focal areas that were presented and reflected with the
Mission Board to provide interconnected insights as well as challenging and provocative ideas to enrich
the work of the Mission Board.

Subsequently, the foresight team explored further future uncertainties and knowledge gaps via a real-
time Delhi survey inviting approximately 3000 stakeholders from research and development, policy,
industry and civil society to participate. The respondents learned from the views of others, without being
unduly influenced by hierarchies or other societal structures and power relations. The results of the
survey largely confirmed the challenges and lines of action proposed by the Mission Board. In particular,
the results showed consensus on the need for recovery of the health of the oceans and waters and
consensus about the need to adopt a holistic, ecosystem approach.

Client: EC Mission Boards

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